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Hire Our Building

We are passionate about the local community that we belong to, and we love to serve our community  through the use of our facilities. As a result of this we hire our building to both individuals and organisations at a competitive rate.

We hope that as you come and use our buildings, you will find a warm and welcoming space and a selection of rooms that are suited to a range of different activities and groups. In addition to a variety of different rooms we have a car park that is available to all who use the building, free wi-fi, as well as a well equipped kitchen.

We hope that as you use our building it will be a real blessing to you and to others in our community.

If you would like to find out more information about hiring our building then please do contact us on the link below and we would love to speak to you.

NB. Please note that we are unable to hire our kitchen for commercial use.

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