What is a Mum2Mum?
  • The purpose of Mum2Mum is to offer 1-to-1 support to mums aged 16-30 

  • Mums are matched with a volunteer befriender who will meet with them on a 1-to-1 basis, at least once a fortnight. They will have the support of their befriender for 6 months to start with; however this may be extended, 6 months at a time, for a total of up to 2 years

What is a befriender?

“To befriend is to act as or become a friend to (someone), especially when they are in need of help or support.”

Oxford English Dictionary

  • They are someone who will spend time listening to and getting to know you, and offer you individual attention and support

  • A befriender will not make judgements about your lifestyle or behaviour, or give advice that is not asked for

  • A befriender will respect your privacy and will not repeat the content of any of your conversations to other people, apart from in exceptional circumstances (which are explained in our confidentiality statement)

Who are the befrienders?
  • Mum2Mum befrienders are volunteers from local Christian churches. They are mums themselves, and are from all walks of life - grandmas, foster, adoptive or birth mums, of any age or background.

  • They have been through a selection process which includes taking part in a training course and being interviewed. References are obtained and DBS checks carried out for all befrienders.

What might a befriender do?
  • Meet with a mum regularly, listen, and discuss any issues that they may have (or direct them to an appropriate other source of help and advice)

  • Go with the mum to an appointment with the doctor, health visitor or midwife, or to a local toddler group or Children’s Centre

  • Introduce the mums to other Mum2Mum volunteers and mums

How might I become a befriender?
  • If you are a Christian woman with experience of parenting, and time and a heart for helping others, then we would be pleased to hear from you.

  • You will need to complete a selection process which includes taking part in a training course and interview. References to need to be obtained and DBS checks are carried out for all befrienders

How can I sign up to get a befriender?
  • Complete a referral form (this can be done by someone else, e.g. G.P., Health Visitor or Children’s centre staff, or you can fill it in yourself)

  • The project leader will then contact you to arrange an initial meeting

  • You will then be ‘matched’ with a Mum2Mum befriender, and a meeting will be set up between you, the project leader and your befriender. If the scheme is currently oversubscribed your name will be placed on a waiting list and you will be contacted as soon as a befriender becomes available

How do I contact Mum2Mum?

Phone/text      07726 585653

Facebook       fb.me/mum2mumCambridge

E-mail             mum2mum@arburyroadbaptist.org

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