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Our dream is that everyone in our community, our city and our world is full of hope and the overflowing life that there is to be found in Jesus. We have experienced the difference that knowing Jesus has made to our lives, and want more and more people to know the difference that he can make for them to.

As people encounter Jesus we want to equip then to learn more about him, to grow as one of his disciples, to learn more about his ways, and to follow his example in their lives.

We dream of a world where through Jesus the broken are restored, the poor are rich, the hopeless are given hope and in our world there is no more darkness, pain and suffering.

We want to be a church where people can encounter a God who is relevant to their lives. We want to be a church which proclaims the ultimate source of the hope that we have through the death and resurrection of Jesus. And as we encounter this we dream we want to see a world that is full of worshippers living in the light of God's amazing love for them.

These are big dreams to have, but Jesus' kingdom is already here, his love is already available to all. As God's church in our community we want to see God's kingdom advanced in and through our church.

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