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Wonderfully Made

Thursdays 1-3pm,

Arbury Road Baptist Church

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Wonderfully Made Creative Café is a weekly drop-in craft space where it’s OK not to be OK. We are part of the Renew Wellbeing family of quiet shared spaces - see

We are meeting online and in person. Online, our safe, supportive community meets confidentially in our private Facebook group - please find us at . For anyone who needs face to face support, or who is not online, our in person group runs from 1-3pm every Thursday at Arbury Road Baptist Church.

We all go through times when we don’t feel OK. At Wonderfully Made we don’t have to pretend: we accept and welcome each other as we are. We aim to see each other’s beauty, to respect each other’s struggles, and listen to each other’s stories or silence.

Wonderfully Made is a safe space where we can explore creativity, learn new skills, or simply ‘be’. Each week there is a craft/art activity which you are welcome to join in or not. While we make or do things together, we can talk and listen as we feel able. If you have a skill or hobby which you would like to share, please bring it 😊.

Wonderfully Made aims to be a supportive community. We are not providing a service, we are providing a place where friendships and self-support can flourish.

Our values are:

  • Welcome - everyone is welcome, without judgement.

  • Safety – we respect each other by not repeating each other’s stories without permission.* We can arrive and leave at any time.

  • Community – we make real, equal, supportive friendships with each other. We aim that no-one dominates, and no-one is left out.

  • Presence – we are present for one another, in the present moment, with quiet compassion.

More information about our safeguarding policy can be found by clicking here.

You are welcome: whoever you are; however you are. Wonderfully Made is for people experiencing mental health problems, people who are lonely, carers, friends, family, ANYONE! You do not need to have a diagnosis or referral. We do not ask why you have come: we simply welcome you as you. Just come in!

Wonderfully Made is supported by Arbury Road Baptist Church and Christians in the North Cambridge area. It was founded by Christians who have experienced both the struggles of mental illness and the support of loving community. Prayer is available if you would like.

Each session is facilitated by trained volunteers, many of whom have experienced mental health problems.

We meet on Thursdays between 1pm and 3pm at Arbury Road Baptist Church.

If you are anxious about entering, please text 07594 246662 for friendly assistance.

Our in-person meetings take place in a Covid-secure building and we have a risk assessment and Covid prevention measures in place. We aim to be as much a physical safe space as a mental and emotional safe space. If you have any questions or concerns please do speak to to the Wonderfully Made Team led by Kimberley.

For further queries, contact us on 07594 246662