Our Team

We want to be a church that releases and empowers everyone within it to utilise their God given gifts that they might make a difference for the kingdom of God through our church.

We have a number of leaders in our church and here are some of the people you might like to get to know:

Our Ministers

Matt Rowe

Team Leader

Matt joined the church in 2015 and is passionate that the church has the ability to transform our world and wants to see the church equipped to follow Jesus more. He is also a keen sports fan and occasionally tries to play them too!

Matt is married to Rachel and they have two sons.

Erica has been in our church for a number of years but over the last
several years has sensed God's call to ministry, particularly in the
community. Alongside working for the church and community, Erica is
studying for the ministry at Spurgeons College in London.

Erica is married to Dave and they have 3 boys.

Erica Bowler



Our Leadership Team

Anne is a long-standing member at ARBC and has a passion for music. She co-ordinates the worship group and plays a variety of instruments including piano and clarinet. Anne is married with three grown up children.

Anne King

Worship and Discipleship

Bella's desire is to love and serve others as herself.

She is an active member of the community around our church and is actively involved in a range of different activities in our church.

Bella Amiteye

Community and Prayer


Susanne plays a key part in our church helping the place to run smoothly.

As well as keeping us organised she is a great musician and is married with 3 kids.

Susanne Lyle

Operations and Welcome