We exist to

worship God 

We exist to worship God. It is because of this that one of the key activities within the life of our church is our Sunday service when we gather together to worship.

Our Sunday service starts at 10.30am and all are welcome to come and join us just as you are. You can come along if you have been around churches for years, or if you have never stepped inside a church before. Usually our services last around an hour and a quarter during which time there is a time of singing some songs of praise and worship to God, as well as a sermon which provides us an opportunity to learn more about God, and think about the difference that this might have on our lives.

During our services children and young people join us to worship God together. We think it is really important that they are included as a part of our church family and so we try to include them as much as possible. Part way through the service they can go to their Sunday School classes where they can learn more about Jesus in a way that is appropriate to them.

We aim to make all our services as accessible as possible. If you have a special requirement or would like some more information please do let us know and we would love to help you.